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Its not going to plan

Myself and Monkey had a plan this week for half term, its not gone to plan, first off I came down with something, which has left me exhausted, the weather is not playing fair, by that I mean we set … Continue reading

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Half Term Starts

Today is in an inset day for Monkey then we have half term next week, on a personal level this is fairly bad timing for me, this week has been good for in terms of my mental health, getting shit … Continue reading

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Damn it

I was due to go to lunch with my mum today, turns out, near her a tree went down, making it more or less impossible for her to get through, she doesn’t live far, but its a pain in the … Continue reading

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I guess we will stay in today then

The UK is being battered by some storm, but that has made half term miserable weatherwise. We could always go out in it, but Monkey is now a bit too old to find puddles fun, I have every confident he … Continue reading

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The days keep getting away from me

And I have no idea what we have done, we have chatted alot and played a few games, tided monkey’s room, but other than that, its been a chilled half term, the weather hasn’t helped, but so far chilled and … Continue reading

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Just No Monkey

I feel I have spent the last few days, saying this to Monkey, the main thing I wanted to get done this week was his room sorted and the charity stuff taken to the shop, otherwise we were pretty much … Continue reading

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What happens when you have nothing to be anxious over?

Over the last 4 or 5 weeks, I have been getting really anxious over the weekend, normally ending with a big pit of worry on the Sunday and I have no idea why. This weekend, however, I was better, I … Continue reading

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Do you know what is worse?

Having won my PIP appeal, I am now in that awkward position of having no money, but knowing I have money coming and I hate that, I prefer having no money, so no expectations. I want to take Monkey out … Continue reading

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What nothing?

I dont think I have anything planned for today, I am trying to think and nop, Monkey is home all day, no telephone calls, no appointments, nothing. But, I am sure there was something planned for today, its not on … Continue reading

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Bugger off Writers Block

Everytime I have had some time to write a post, I sit down and stare at the blank screen for half an hour or so and then sigh and walk away, wondering what I can write about Everything is on … Continue reading

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