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At the moment, there is a lot of news about our government being involved in a lot of corruption, to be honest with you, I am not surprised so haven’t followed it too closely. I know a former prime minister … Continue reading

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Lets not mention it

I got a letter in the post from HMRC (tax people) giving me £100. I don’t know where its come from, why they have sent it to me, or whats it for. So I took it to my bank and … Continue reading

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Sleep, depression, anxiety and general bullshit

I have had a few posts recently which explains that I am having a tough time with my council. Let me try and explain. In December they suspended my Housing Benefit, this is something that helps pay for my rent. … Continue reading

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What is going on with the government

This tax thing is interesting. For those who don’t know, papers have been leaked and revealed a large amount of people have had off shore accounts and paid no tax on the money. David Cameron the UK Prime Minister is … Continue reading

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Is it just me?

Am I the only one that thinks its strange our lovely Prime Minister uses the term  ‘Bunch of Migrants’ when referring to the Calais refuges the same day a controversial deal was made with google and the tax man where they … Continue reading

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Living on benefits

I was trying to think of a way to discribe being on benefits but you know what in this day and age with zero hour contracts there is very little difference. As a person on benefits I rely on that … Continue reading

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Smoke me a kipper and call me St Joan

I managed to snatch a few hours sleep this morning and awoke to find that I had mail, it was a big bulky envelope and so I opened, I have had to read it a few times now, but yes … Continue reading

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£300 a week, I wish

I came across an article that a friend has shared on facebook, which made me laugh out loud. A quote from a Liberal Democrate peer, who was letting us know how unfair and how they couldn’t survive on the £300 a … Continue reading

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How can claiming housing benefit be so different with each council

I live on the border of two counties. We use to live in one and now live in the other, we have moved about five miles. I mention this because I am going through the process of claiming housing benefit. … Continue reading

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